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Newsletter Ronde van Drenthe October November


NEWSLETTER October/November 2023 with a look back at our 60th anniversary

Media sponsors: RTV-Drenthe, NOS, Eurosport, NEP, Heli Holland, Dagblad van het Noorden, Hoogeveensche Courant.


No men’s race in 2024

The board of the Ronde van Drenthe, after much consultation with province - municipalities - sponsors, but especially with the employees of the Ronde van Drenthe, had to make a drastic decision to close the men's race in 2024, which has hurt us a lot.

Albert Achterhes, founder of the Ronde van Drenthe in 1960, has always said to keep going as long as possible, don't give up, but keep moving forward and we will try to do that with our employees, even if it was a blow for everyone. Now the Ronde van Drenthe feeling came back to many, for which we as a board are very grateful.

The collective shoulders underneath it. Together we are back again.

We're going for it in 2024. Thanks to our volunteers, who now need even more attention. They represent our cycling province.


Thank you for the much sympathy we are now receiving. We now notice how the Ronde van Drenthe is happening at home and abroad.


The planning for 2024. Saturday, March 9, Drentse 8 van Westerveld. The municipality of Westerveld has asked us to repeat the 15th anniversary of the Drenthe 8 of Westerveld following the cancellation due to snowfall in 2023. That is what we are going for and we are linking the 25th anniversary of women's cycling in Drenthe to this. We hope to bring out a party feeling on Sunday, March 10, with the Women's WorldTour Ronde van Drenthe.

The boulder race with the renewed VAMberg should be a real feast again. It will not be the fault of the employees of the Ronde van Drenthe. We would like to see the interaction between the organization, province, municipalities, police, sponsors, benefactors, medical services, media and the public.


Extra attention will also be paid to the touring version. In recent years we have noticed that the expansion with hand bikes has been very successful.


The Course

We have adjusted the course as much as possible for both the Drentse 8 and the Women's World Tour in terms of security and nitrogen. Drenthe has many nature reserves where we had just taken the routes. We should also think of the beautiful images that can be seen worldwide during the Ronde van Drenthe on TV. Drenthe is the cycling province that we are all so proud of. The province of Drenthe does everything it can to show the beautiful images of the Ronde van Drenthe to the entire world. We receive many reactions from around the world, including New York, Australia and the whole of Europe.



The Ronde van Drenthe has the cobblestone prize that some riders can appreciate for many years, including the women's national coach Loes Gunnewijk. The VAMBERG, we should be proud of our mountain. The joint sprint prize that has been donated for many years by the municipality of Emmen, the most active rider in the municipality of Hoogeveen, not to mention the youth prize (UCI obligation) and even the Red Lantern for the last arriving rider with even a surplace before the finish line.


The Ronde van Drenthe is known for the extra great prizes.

The winners who give us all the praise, such as Lorena Wiebes who texted immediately after her European Championship victory: I am already looking forward to the Tour of Drenthe. Many top players from home and abroad still keep in touch over the years and we like to see them appear every year with their family and friends. It will take some time for us to get used to the men's side, with whom you have built up a wonderful bond. This is sad for everyone, but we hope for a new sporting world in the future that can also be created in Drenthe. Maybe we can pay more attention to our existing competitions. We already notice that this is being strived for by the many reactions we receive.


Festive mood

Friday, December 1 is the festive event for our employees of our 60th anniversary in the Hoogeveen Town Hall. We receive a lot of support from the municipality of Hoogeveen.

This year with a little sourness and next year we hope with jubilation. We will agree that we will go for it TOGETHER.


We wish everyone a pleasant Sinterklaas time and hope to have more good news before Christmas regarding the new starting location of the Women's WorldTour and the prizes to be won.



Kind sports greetings

Until December 2023

On behalf of the Ronde van Drenthe board



Femmy van Issum-Achterhes

Tel. 0653738808